A Second Opinion

"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function." F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Crack-Up.

Many consumers seek a "quick fix." They are in the main not interested in questioning themselves. They want answers. The seek a variety of untrained therapists, frantically searching for a remedy for their anxiety. They seek instant gratification. Many go to a psychiatrist or a psychopharmacologist. He/she prescribes medication. Psychiatry has two years of post-Master's MD training. They know about medication. Psychologists, in the main, do research. Some teach; some counsel. His/her requirement is two years post-Master's (PhD) training at graduate level. Social workers treat the individual within the environment--within the family--within society. Many also teach; some counsel. Psychoanalysts are the only profession, post-Master's, which requires Institute training. Most Institutes vary from four to ten plus years training.. It is the only mental health profession that requires personal therapy (psychoanalysis). One can only take "another" (emotionally) as far as one has gone oneself.

Freud taught us and we as a society have not accepted the fact that life is tragic. There are real limitations; everything is a tradeoff. No one can have a free lunch. He said, "We're not getting out of this alive (paraphrased); there is a life instinct, Eros, but there is also a Thanatos, a death instinct. And there is real death. Freud was a mournful meditator. He was not Dale Carnegie or Tony Robbins. He didn't say "Read this book and you're going to be happy and get everything you want." He wasn't saying that at all, and I don't think we have picked up on his humble and tragic message.

Why not consider a "Second Opinion" in mental heath?

See Section "Therapist to the Therapy" on this website.

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