Consumers often look for a "therapist" based on a crisis. He/she also has a bias toward using "insurance."

In the first instance, it's not unusual. People are not interested in change. People are interested in pleasure. In the second instance, it is not unusual. People interested in pleasure want a "quick fix."

Many "therapists" offering "quick fix" are not highly trained and experienced.

Why not START with a highly trained and experienced clinician. I do second opinions in mental health -- across USA -- I would be glad to meet anyone for an indepth "checkup." A two or four session "HearttoHeart." I have been in the "field" for over a quarter of a century. If we are not a "fit" based on your pleasure for "quick fix," "insurance," or my age, office, personality, etc., I will help you, on my time, find someone highly trained for you to see.

I am a Certified Psychoanalyst, NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker, have been through major life changes and losses in my lifetime and I am highly qualified to help you.

Call or write.

I do charge for my session(s) time and do not accept insurance.

Lana M. Ackaway, LCSW-R, CASAC
280 Madison Avenue, Suite 711
(between East 39 th & E. 40 th Sts.)
New York, New York 10016
Tel.:     (917) 294-7883

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